Logos: the Voice of Constructivism

The exhibition explores how constructivism in the 1920s shaped the language of the new country. Here we explore an idea of the image of a word. Following the logic of constructivists, the word is visible in the exhibition design, but it does not “shout out” complementing the exhibition thanks to the of the function and logic of the narrative. The exhibition voice is separate and unbiased, it does not try to merge with the objects shown, but rhythmically aligns with them. 

Exhibition curators: Polina Streltsova,
Anna Zamriy, Ekaterina Lavrentieva,
Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro.
Architectural project: AURUM.
Exhibition photography by Gleb Leonov.

for: ZOTOV center
made with help of Natasha Eryomina