VKHUTEMAS-100: Portholes of Tomorrow's Cities. The Faculty of Architecture

Exhibition design in the A.V. Shusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow: a retrospective of the work and influence of the VKHUTEMAS school. The visitors were gradually exposed to the structure of the faculty of Architecture in VKHUTEMAS (or VKHUTEIN since 1927), revealing a story about the creative methods of professors shown through their own works created during the 10-year existence of the faculty.

The exhibition featured more than 200 works including architectural drawings and paintings, models, photographs and other materials from the the State Museum of Architecture funds, the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI), the Museum of Architecture and Design of the UrSAHU, the archives of the of A.V. Shchusev, F.O. Shekhtel, S.E. Chernyshev families and the Canadian Center for Architecture (CAA). Many exhibits were shown to the general public for the first time.